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Tips to Be An Insurance Agent Pt 1

Article by Dr. Alisha Broughton

1. Emergency Info Wallet Cards – Include local emergency numbers like the fire department, police, poison control, etc. Include your contact information and the phone number for claims. Customers will be glad to carry such a valuable card around in their wallet and they will always have your information in their pocket! Referrals are the cheapest and easiest form of insurance agency marketing.

2. Great Email Signature – If you don’t already have an automated email signature, make one right now. Include every bit of contact information about you like your address, phone numbers, website, twitter, facebook, etc. With each new day comes a new form of communication and everyone has a favorite. Make sure you accommodate all communication preferences for marketing.

3. Keep a Voice Recorder in Your Car – When you’re driving and spot a commercial vehicle record some information about the vehicle and the phone number. You can call the owner later and explain where you saw the vehicle and that you would like an opportunity to make a bid on their insurance at the next renewal. In case you want to order one now, here’s a link to digital voice recorders                         on Amazon.

4. Search Engine Optimization – If your agency isn’t at the top of the Google results don’t expect the phone to ring. Hire a trustworthy SEO firm (not cheap) or do it yourself with an Insurance Agency SEO plan like this. Here’s a tip about hiring a good SEO firm: If they’re cheap they probably won’t deliver and if they’re expensive they might deliver. However you make it happen, it’s a necessity for buyers to find your agency online if you want to have a successful business today and into the future.

5. Get in Their Cell Phone – Encourage clients to program your insurance agency phone number into their cell phone in case they have a claim or billing question. They will always be walking around with your contact information. If someone asks them about insurance it will be easier to refer. Referrals are the most successful insurance marketing strategy.

6. Volunteer– The hand that gives, gathers. There are many opportunites for growing your business while volunteering. You can get great PR in the newspaper, meet meet other local community members and business owners, and educate people about the values and benefits of insurance. Choose a non-profit you have some interest in since the more passion you have, the more benefit.

7. Harness the Power of Facebook - Stop pretending its not a huge opportunity or you
can’t do it and start making money with Facebook. Unless you only sell Medicare
Supplement Plans, nearly every client you have is already on Facebook and the
average user has 130 friends! If you need ideas, check out another article I
wrote: 100 Facebook Marketing  

Ideas For Insurance Agents. Be creative, not too self-promotional, and use Facebook to amplify
your community presence. And by the way, updating your Facebook page with fresh
and interesting content has never been easier with our latest free marketing
product for insurance agents, the Insurance Agency Facebook
Idea Dashboard

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