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To The People Of African Heritage



By Thought Provoking Perspectives

The so-called Negro was created by the so-called American patriots has had only one desire since being removed from Africa, and that was to obtain equality and to experience what they call “liberty.” African Americans simply asked America to honor the promise of freedom that they claim comes with liberty.

I’ll quote Dr. King, who said, “We were been given a blank check”, and we would like to cash it – paid in full. Let’s be very clear, people of African descent are the only immigrates to come to this country against their will only to be forced into a life of bondage that was true then and is now immoral. It was not only an American shame but for all that benefited must wear the burden of the “sins of their fathers”.


Let me be clear, “A Negro” was created by the wretched souls that arrived on this land that would become America to lay claim to land that wasn’t even theirs. When I say, created I mean there was no such culture or nationality anywhere on earth before Europeans took the captives from Africa and brought them to America. The result was creating a nation of people placed in a strange land to live without a nationality. This was done specifically through the constitution and legislative laws sanctioned by the government.

From the very beginning, the Africans resisted their captivity and bondage, which was to include the ungodly trip across the Atlantic that history calls the Mid-Passage. Once the captives arrived on land, be it in America or the Caribbean, there was rebellion. There were many movements to obtain the promise of freedom like the Abolitionist Movement and Civil Rights Movements in varying forms and yes, there were many great leaders born to affect change but were killed by the wretched system during slavery and segregation. Or maybe I should say to maintain the system of “White Supremacy”! I won’t say many of these courageous “freedom fighters” all failed, but I will say they did not succeed because equal treatment, particularly under the law and freedom is still absent today.

Many African Americans continue to suffer from the untreated wounds of America’s forefathers and their asymptomatic behaviors. These behaviors were never unlearned and have been passed down from generation to generation. Over my relatively short lifetime, black people have been referred to as Colored, Negro, Afro-American, Black, and an African American, which were all polite terms assigned to make known that people of African descent were not American citizens.

This legacy of dependency, apathy, and entrenchment of the American social order from the beginning provides clear evidence of those with a diabolical intent to bankrupt the souls of a people based on an ideology of supremacy. These stolen souls that exist today are people who bear the burden of a system that perpetrated, in the name of God, the greatest crime known to man.

Even today, the slave catchers, police murder unarmed black men, women, and children with no regard for life the same as they have always done. The result is they black the victim and imply he or she was at fault for the own death. Also, when black people speak up or take a stand the system will destroy the group through death or reputation. For example, they claim the Black Lives Matter Movement was built on a lie and have waged war on police. This is no different than the did with the Black Panther, Martin or Malcolm!

The concept of African Americans being slaves, physically or mentally, is as old as the nation itself, designed to deprive a people of its culture and knowledge through sustained policies of control. To overcome these indignities, we must realize that education is the single most important ingredient necessary to neutralize the forces that breed poverty and despair.

Regardless of how much this race has been and is held down, praying and singing “We Shall Overcome” is NOT the answer. It is our responsibility to find a way to get up; after all it’s been four-hundred years, which has shown us that the system of White Supremacy is designed to protect the system. The great Bob Marley reminded us to “Stand-up – Stand-up for your rights”. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…


John T Wills is President of JT Wills Consulting, Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger, Professor/Teacher, Radio Host, member and past officer of several Business, Community, College Board’s, a Volunteer, and friend to many. Regardless of the worldly titles given, I prefer to be called a man.

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