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Vanessa Richardson’s The Certain Ones




Founder and Editor-In-Chief Vanessa Richardson

When I began writing The Certain Ones, my inspirational nonfiction, I was loss to title it. I knew that I wanted a title that would convey the message in my heart. As it happened, one day while reading my daily devotional, I read a passage that caused a deep stirring within me. “There was a certain man who had….” or “There was a certain woman with an issue…” I began to research that soul-stirring introduction in-depth. To my delight and great amazement, I discovered that there were tons of these introductions!

The descriptor “There was a certain,” is an introduction into lives of awe-inspiring men and women with testimonies of struggles and victories. SURVIVORS. Those who didn’t/don’t give up in the face of adversity. These survivors surprise even themselves as they amaze the world with their temerity to win their battles. Thus, giving credence to the statement; that happiness is a choice that we make. I took that lesson learned and wrote my first nonfiction; from there I started my online The Certain Ones Blog Talk Radio, from there The Certain Ones Online Magazine. My journey has not been easy, still isn’t; but with devout faith, I keep it moving.

Not every dark cloud means it’s going to rain, it only looks like it. We are familiar with the expression  ‘looks like it’s going to rain’. I have been guilty of saying this too; upon seeing the dark billowy clouds in the sky. It is natural to say, when you actually “see” the dark clouds hovering above. Have you ever experienced a dark cloud moment? You know when it “seems like”  there are no answers in a troubling situation. When it seems like for all you’re doing your gain is next to nil. These dark clouds made me prepare, become aware, and to care.

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Preparation: When opportunity knocks and you must be ready for it. Whatever you’re chosen to do in life; make preparation for it. Study, eat it, and pursue it. Become aware: Know who you are and understand that not everyone is going to be accepting of you. In fact, some will try to abuse the gift (s) inside of you. Although chosen you are no one’s doormat. You are a certain one chosen for purpose. Not a certifiable one. Letting someone abuse your act of kindness is crazy. In the end remember to let go and let God have His perfect way.

Care: We are all students of one another, and in our “moments” we should learn to be better and not bitter. Pay it forward. Help and support each other, the world would certainly be a better-place. Contrary to popular belief good guys don’t finish last. We all know what it is like to hurt (the certain ones knows hurt on a deeper level) so we should hate to see others hurt. Here is a question for you. Do you know when to back-down and when to fight?


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