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Vaseline Cocoa Butter Moisturizers


These two products are miracle wonders for those who may have extremely dry skin around the winter time. They are both deep skin moisturizers. Although not pure coca butter; both Vaseline deep conditioning body lotion and Smoothing body butter are a must have during the winter season.

Both products smells delicious and the best part is their consistency. Both are set at reasonable prices.


The Vaseline Cocoa Butter Jelly 

Cocoa Butter Rich Conditioning Petroleum Jelly works naturally with your skin to keep it visibly healthy and glowing all day.

- With Cocoa Butter – known to naturally nourish skin.

- Made with a unique triple purification process – guaranteed purity.

Rich conditioning for glowing skin that is visibly health.


Vaseline® Lip Therapy®

protects dry, chapped lips. Provides long-lasting moisturization.


Intensive Rescue Soothing Chamomile Body Lotion was specifically formulated for dry to extra dry skin. This healing lotion leaves dry, itchy skin calmed and healthy. Our lightly fragranced formula combines chamomile & Stratys-3™ multi-layer moisture, infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of skin*, absorbing quickly – without greasiness.

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  1. I will see since the first product I’ve tried in the past and liked Avon lotion better. But now since they have vaseline and lip therapy, doesn’t hurt to try and intensive care one. Yes, I have dry skin and worse in the winter months of course since I live in the Midwest. I want to try the small creme one with cocoa butter as well.

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