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What Do Women Find Attractive About A Man’s Smell?



Women will always find inexplicable attractive a man that wears the right kind of fragrance. Smell has always been a big card of the seduction game and those who know how to play it will always be ahead of the rest.
The smell is, together with other senses, a door trough which we get to know those around us. We like the company of people who have a nice smell and avoid those who don’t. However you put it, you could have the most charming personality, but get rejected because you neglect your exterior appearance, here including the smell. After all, the concept of appeal is all about putting on display the best you could squeeze.

The law of attraction follows the same principle, but there is more to it. Choosing inside the polarity good/bad is not enough to describe a smell. A smell could squeeze from the brain more words in order to be described than you ever thought. Imagination could go wild and a whole story can be constructed upon it. When women are asked to describe the kind of smell they find attractive, the answer is often very vague: masculine, powerful and clean. For many women, the scent of old cologne remains the number one choice, maybe because it conveys a message of nostalgia for the past. Other women will certainly name a product that they are very fond with, like Burberry Touch Cologne.

There is another viewpoint to the whole smell thing and what is considered to be attractive. Some women will tend to put let emphasis on the artificial smell generated of the perfume and actually love the natural way a man smells. Let’s clear things and state that we are not talking about sweat and stink. We are talking about the scent of a recently washed body. After all, the human body is able to produce a discrete and powerful scent in order to enhance attractiveness – pheromones. A different approach when judging what is or what is not attractive about a man’s smell claims that a man wearing a scent generated by his activity will always be considered appealing. After all, a man’s job represents a big part of his personality and should not be hidden under layers and layers of perfume.
A legitimate question could be asked regarding how much time and effort should a man put in his pursuit of nurturing an attractive smell for his body. Does his virility have to suffer from excessive use of the feminine practice of scenting himself? Should a man focus less on his appearance and more on his attitude and confidence level? Is trying too much often wrong for the overall image of a man?Smell is less about quantity and more about quality. For a trained nose, a cheap perfume, although strong and persistent, will never match the effect of something like Black Code by Giorgio Armani. You are not wearing the price tag associated with the quality perfume, but you surely benefit from the science and attention put to it.
It is well know that scent is able to trigger memories. Each person stores its recordings of the past and recalls them in different way. Some act on visual stimuli, while some may remember a past event when they hear a word. We won’t go to further details but things are pretty messy and mysterious when it’s about how the human memory works. A woman could remember her father or other important father figure from her childhood when confronted with the same type of cologne. Her instincts will trick her to associate the feelings of safety, protection, attachment and respect even towards a complete stranger. For some women this resemblance could be unwanted and could have quite the opposite effect.
The equation of what is attractive and what is not is after all a complex one. As a woman, it is a hard to claim you feel a strong link with only one feature and be able to neglect the rest. The whole package should look nice, not only the tie. It is always hard to explain way certain things fascinate us and the particular scent that is able to drive people crazy remains an enigma.

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