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What To Do When You’re Burnt Out?


It’s very important to accurately identify the culprit for your negative energy balance. What are you currently doing that claims more than it gives? It could be a job, relationship, or a free time activity (a sport for example). Whatever the case, you need to tailor the solution accordingly and take active measures as extreme fatigue is not something to neglect and hope it will go away. On the contrary, it will continue to build up until you reach a point when bad decisions are inevitable and the consequences irreversible.

The number one rule for regaining your lost energy is to take some time off whatever you’re doing and to reset the counter. This could mean rebalancing your schedule to favor sleep and other activities able to disconnect you from the things that are causing the burnout. Changing the landscape and people you see every day, the main coordinates of a vacation, are sure to help you regain your lost appetite for life. Be aware that the efficiency of the method is directly proportional with the time you can stay away from duties and other daily constants.

Behind many cases of exhaustion there is an underplaying health issue, ranging from a serious medical condition, requiring professional expertise and treatment, down to a simple unbalance of substances in the body. Bad nutrition, a constant of our modern lifestyle is very often behind what we call as being burnt out. Eating the right food is not always simple to do, as craving for some delicious, yet unhealthy meals will beat your decision to change diet. Shifting to a recommended diet and obeying all rules that lay at the foundation of a good health can help you reduce the circle of suspects.

If it still does not work out, do not fear the worse, but accept the idea that there could be something else, something only complete medical analysis could reveal. Take note that your exhaustion could be in fact a depression and make sure to check not only the physical aspect of your body.

In extreme situations, when the chances to rebalance your current lifestyle are slim, there is available the more radical approach to start fresh. Tabula rasa is not just a myth and any person willing to change its life and bring it on a new course has the right to begin a new chapter and put an end to the old one.

Of course, the scale of the change differs from case to case, and ethically speaking, not everyone is entitled to have a blank page at their disposal. Under no circumstances a parent can leave behind his children, but as long as you are young and without such bonds, you can take steps in any new direction you consider more rewarding. Exiting a toxic job or relationship, or simply leaving your parents “nest” can put you again on the tracks. Don’t fear change and embrace the “new” with your mind and heart wide open.

Whenever things feel stuck, pushing them any further is a mistake. You spend all that energy just to move a few feet further, when that time and resources could be use in a superior way. Whenever something is not working smoothly take some time away from it and learn to find the solution by accident.

Meditation and any activity able to bring the calm back are also ways to search for the solution indirectly and without making the hole any deeper. Lateral thinking techniques claim that switching your focus towards something else can actually help your case, as inspiration does not always follow a linear pattern.

All the above solutions for beating chronicle exhaustion have one thing in common. They all require patience and perseverance. The same way the fatigue did not installed itself over night, returning to a normal and balanced way of life is a process spanning a considerable period.

Prepare yourself for ups and downs, but also prepare yourself for the satisfaction of not giving up the fight and for reaching a turning point in life. It is normal to experience the desire to quit when things get harder and there is a safe refuge in our comfort zone. Beating that impulse reveals the true strength that every person holds inside and uses in time of need.


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