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When To Talk About Getting Engaged?

when to talk about getting engaged

            Getting engaged is an important decision in anyone’s life and serves as a strong commitment towards a future marriage. Although many couples see it as an unnecessary intermediate stage, it’s useful to sketch in your mind the engagement period as a transition from a life with a single point of focus (your own person) to a life build for two. Talking about getting engaged is felt necessary when a series of premises begin to emerge at the surface of a relationship.

Enjoying mundane moments spent together is a premise for taking your relationship a few steps forward. If you are already spending quality time while shopping, cooking, or doing chores around the house, it means an invisible contract of cooperation and mutual support has already been signed between you two. Talking about engagement can be done only once discovered that both of you are team players. That is an essential requirement and many individuals postpone showing their full commitment only when a marriage is at the horizon.

An engagement means that both partners are ready to burn their little black books and burry deep anything that might emerge as compromising. Past relationships, as well as past unresolved issues are included here. A marriage and even an engagement cannot start if there is still weight attached, dragging the relationship in the wrong direction. Full honesty should be put in equation early on, and allowed enough time and patience in order to feed the marriage with fertile conditions.

It’s definitely time to talk about getting engaged once it is obvious that the relationship itself is able to trigger the good parts and allow each partner to achieve a better version of himself/herself. In many cases, individuals alone fail to reach their true potential, mostly because they lack the spiritual and mental comfort of being in a long term stabile relationship. An engagement can move a lot of time from non-productive activities like casual dating and hanging out with potential partners, to things that actually have a finality attached to them.

An engagement can also act to reduce the stress regarding what is going to happen in the future. Being proposed adds a good dose of certainties and can leave both partners well focused on other things that they should do on a daily basis. An engagement can reflect itself in a better work efficiency as well as the ability to multi-task throughout the day. Many of us would want to stare across time and see what is going to happen, at least in the approaching period.  An engagement can offer exactly that, a window in time towards the future marriage that is going to happen.

An engagement usually comes attached with an established date for the ceremony and triggers the start of the preparations. For those having a problem in making their mind up, taking the step to propose can be exactly the needed impulse. The engagement is also a good rehearsal for the big “yes”. Entering the engagement period is like a final test, confirming all the expectations the individuals are putting side by side.

Time is the ultimate factor to consider when talking about an engagement. If your relationship has a lot of god years behind it, the engagement can be seen as a both a natural consequence and an obligation. For women in particular, time can act as both an ally and an enemy. There is a certain pressure for them to get marry earlier than men and there are many points of view which allow a better understanding of the phenomenon. Women are the ones bringing new life in this world and many studies have showed beyond doubt that a younger woman has better odds of delivering a fully healthy child.

Ad-hoc marriages, which fail to address the engagement period, often find themselves on dangerous grounds. There is a big difference between being a couple and being a married couple. As the change in legal status, as well as other changes in terms of shared responsibilities, rush towards you, the escape often lies outside the marriage. Being able to notice the right time for getting engaged is a very important step towards a future happy marriage.


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