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White Only Justice



whites only swimming pool

Article By Thought Provoking Perspectives/John T. Wills

The heart-wrenching actions by the police, rather a policeman last Friday McKinney, Texas was about as disgraceful as anything I have ever seen. No, I take that back! This seems to be the norm for the boys in blue, not the exception. What you see in the video below is exactly what black people have been talking about for four-hundred years. What struck me was white residents said, “The cop should have gotten a medal!” This was the same kind of remarks made when Michael Brown and Eric Garner was killed.

In the video, there were a lot of whites present but none were touched. Not slammed to the ground or even talked too. It appeared the fat guy and a few others were acting as back-ups to the cop. But the same narrative was put forth – the cop was afraid for his life. There was absolutely a bias here and his life was not in danger. More troubling was that the crazed cop is a supervisor and is a trainer of other cops, which from what I see the argument that the cops need more training goes away. Black people have said all along that the cops are trained to do what they are doing.

Outrage, of course, but when the issue of race comes up – they act as if it is a red hearing. Then when you watch the reporting on CNN or wherever you can predict what the talking heads will say; “the cops have a hard job or that there are a lot of good cops.” To that I say if the so-called good cops say nothing or do nothing about the bad cops – they are bad too! I am not going to spend much time on this subject so I will say – everybody can see this was wrong.

I am thankful that we now have video that contradict the cops who lie more often than not in their police reports. Walter Scott and Young Tamir Rice’s death was wrong; Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and the daily killing of black people in America all are wrong. In the case the authorities have to think about this cops being fit for the job is a damn shame. Unless and until these folks in blue began to be fired and arrested for the crimes they commit the problem will grow, and God help us all. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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