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Winter Moisturizing Tips for Hair and Skin



As the season changes from the humid winds to harsh winds i.e. summer into winter, our hair and skin begin to lose their best looks and moisture. In an effort to keep our skin and hair beautiful and away from infections, the following incredible tips must be followed throughout the winter.


  Use Sunscreen

Most of us tend to avoid the use of sunscreen in winter season and that is the biggest mistake you make. Your skin still needs protection from the harmful UV rays of sun, which is why sunscreen should be used on the exposed areas of the body.

Use Light Face Products

There are chilled winds out in winter which take away the productivity of skin. Use face products composing of healing ingredients i.e. essential oils, lavender, aloe Vera and chamomile.

Avoid Using Powders On Face

Putting up powders on your face skin leads to a more cracked and dry look. Avoid their use for a more glossy and natural appearance.

Be Gentle With High Pressure Joints

Take care of your elbow and knees by exfoliating once a week using lemon with olive oil and keep it hydrated with thick moisturizing cream on a daily basis. Pat the area with petroleum jelly before going to sleep in case of worse dryness.

Give a Wide Berth To Lip Gloss

Say no to the lip glosses and lipsticks in the winter. This season grab the creamy neon colored lip balms for an amazing look of moisturized and soft lips.

Humidify Your Skin

The body has to be kept hydrated. Drink as much water or liquids as you can. Oil your body with shea butter/sweet almond/olive oil before a bath on weekends. This keeps the skin relished.


Moisturize Your Hair

To avoid the frizzy, dry and static look of the hair in dry winter, hair oiling is necessary. Use coconut oil as it is the best moisturizer for hair. Let your hair absorb nutrients from oil. Apply overnight and thoroughly wash your hairs next morning. You will find your hair soft and shiny with strengthened strands.

Wash Hair On Alternate Days

Washing hair on a daily basis is an extremely harsh idea in winters. The less often you wash them the more they will stay in a nice look.

Say No To- Heat Styling

This winter steer away from blow dryers, iron and straighteners. Frequent use of these appliances will disturb the hair cuticle and leads to moisture loss.

Avoid Using Too Hot Water

Everyone wants to stay cozy in a hot water tub during winters. But too hot water bath is not a good idea for both hair and skin. The moisture is drained out of the hair and body. You can add few drops of honey into water for a comfortable and warm bath.

Moreover, don’t get out without covering yourself properly. Follow these simple tips and stay hydrated. Happy winters!

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