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Women And Fashion Go Side By Side


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We all know women and fashion go side by side. Unlike before the women today along with their dress want everything up to date and better than the woman sitting next to them, haha. From their hair clip to their toe ring everything should be striking. Hand bags are one of the most important part of a woman’s outfit, after all they cannot carry their cosmetics, shades, wallets, cream, and sanitizer in their hands when going out. They need a partner to carry all that stuff, and what can prove to be a better partner than a decent and a graceful hand bag?

According to some statistics women around the world think that a hand bag is the most needed and important accessory. And to cater this need of the women the designers developed a huge variety of hand bags, for all age groups, because definitely every age group have a different demand for everything. For instance 55 year old women cannot carry a long strip bag, for her a decent snake skin or a crocodile skin bag will look perfect.

Long strip bags were very inn before 90s but after that they became specifically out fashioned and bags with a medium length strap were in fashion but once again long strip bags are back, with a little modification, that instead of leather chains are being used.

For formal use women prefer clutch bags, they are designed to fit one’s hand. They come in various designs, with stones and pearls. One doesn’t prefer going to a party without them.

The bags in trend today are the bucket bags, which are crafted flawlessly, and are available in many materials like the crocodile skin, calfskin leather and so on and so forth.

When it comes to colors of the bag, ladies prefer to match their hand bag with their dress, but colors like black, brown and fawn go with almost all dresses. Black color always looks classy even if it’s a black dress, Black Hand bag, black shoes and what not. It is correctly said women who wear black lead a colorful life.

If we take the LV bags, the most common color that comes with this brand is brown. This color is known for its elegance and beauty. Chanel bags are mostly black. Or these bags have their logo printed all over.  Everything you wear reflects your taste and personality, so people will stare, just make it worth their while.


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