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How important is Social Media for your Business


  We have to admit that Social Media is now a branch of the online environment which can be no longer ignored. Started as a way for people to keep touch with each other, Social Media has quickly extended to host businesses of all shape and sizes. If you are not present in the Social Media environment with your business you can say goodbye to a large array of potential clients who are looking for a friendlier and more personnel approach.

 Social Media allows your business to have an organic growth of its audience, by targeting people who might be interested. Selective marketing improves the chances that you reach the right people and this is crucial for business targeting narrow niches of the market.

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Having a well-groomed Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account means you care about your external appearance and also means you understand that more and more people, not regarding age and social statute, are using the Internet to search for services. Not admitting this obvious tendency is sign of immaturity and can drive you in the dark corners of the market.

Social Media is an important part of any brand strategy and having a coherent image across platforms gives the impression of professionalism. Many businesses use Social Media profile pages as a replacement for a real website, but this is a mistake. Social Media is yet unable to match the versatility of a website build from scratch and tailored to meet your specific needs. But for startup business not yet ready to invest in a fully fledged internet page, a Facebook profile page is just the tool to start creating a portfolio of services/products offered and to gradually assemble an interested audience.

Social media thrives on what we can call real-time communication. Forget about the Contact Page of your website where you have to painfully compose your message as a client and hope the system works well to send your message. For example, on a Facebook page, it’s easy to see if the business you are requiring services from is still active and quickly analyze its response time. Your ability to post and describe your experience makes every business vulnerable to exposure if it doesn’t meet its end of the deal. On the other hand, as a business owner, receiving public praise can boost your position and offer free advertising. From wall to wall, more and more people are aware that some of their friends and relatives found your input extraordinary. Social Media is all about entering an intricate network with its own rules. People will start to recommend and if you offer the best deal on the market your name will spread like wildfire.

Going beyond the traditional Social Media, big businesses usually refer to dedicated software to deal with their public profile. This helps in many ways. By managing your followers/friends you can extract useful statistics about what type of people are being interested in your services/products. Automating the process of posting updates on your profiles page is close to an art. Remember that nobody likes spam and there is a rule of the thumb in terms of reposting on social platforms. You should rely on someone else doing that in order for the marketing to appear as natural. There are also golden hours in trams of Internet audience and if you fine tune your posts to those times of the day you are definitely going for better exposure and higher incomes.

Brand loyalty is the focal point of what today’s marketing really is. People don’t buy a certain product because they praise a specific trait in it. Instead, they are hypnotized by the brand being advertised on hundreds of square meters with its name written in bold. The same goes with Social Media. You need to make yourself heard loud and clear in what it resembles a jungle. Internet has a particular way of writing new rules of good practices from time to time and you need to be in the first line and catch the new current.

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